11 Reasons to Run and The Benefits of Running

Have you never been a fan of running? We're about to change your mind. Put one foot in front of the other and start chasing these awesome benefits of running.

1.  Running makes you feel healthy 

Whenever you complete a run, no matter the distance, and take a deep breathe knowing that you just did something to improve your health and well-being- there’s nothing like a good cardiovascular work out to achieve that!

2.  Running helps you live longer 

It is proven that running reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  Now that’s a great return for our efforts!

3.  Running makes you smarter 

We are all well aware that exercise increases brain activity, but scientists have also discovered that hundreds of thousands of new cells are created in the brain’s grey matter (that area of the mind that controls memory and learning) after running for only a few days!  (And we all need all the help we can get there, am I right?)

4. Running learn you to push your limits 

If you put in the work you will see your running improve and that is such an awesome feeling of accomplishment.  You become faster, stronger, and more consistent over the years, and will achieve PRs, as well as taking on longer distances. Running can teach you how to push beyond your limits and can prove you that you can and will achieve your goals.

5. Running keeps your belly flat 

Running burns visceral fat, the type of fat that lives in the abdominal-baby-flap area of the body.  Having a flat(ish) tummy again is great motivation to lace those sneakers and hit the road! 

6.  Training clothes are so very cute and comfortable 

Many people have more workout clothes than day-to-day clothes. We could just wear training clothes everywhere we go. There’s nothing as comfy tights, high quality tech tee, and broken in running shoes.

7.  Running allows you to eat

And we LOVE to eat! You can’t really run and not eat- training for a marathon is not a weight loss plan- your body needs the fuel in order to push the distance. When training for a race. You eat to be healthy and to nourish your hard-working muscles. 

8. Running keeps you happy

Have ever finished a run being sad?  I am always much happier after a run.  Running is such a great stress reliever. The run can be hard but my life can be so much easier because of it, and that is very true.  We all know that endorphins- the hormones that create a sense of exhilaration- are released when you run, an all natural high, so to speak!

9. Running can improved sleep habits 

The older we get, the more important it is to carve out that easy, restful, peaceful 8-10 hours of slumber each night. Training is stress reliving and you can therefore fall to sleep easier. 

10.  Running can give you mental fortitude 

I won’t lie to you, running is not easy at first. You feel like you couldn’t breathe, there is pain in every joint, and you feel like a 2 ton elephant. But after a just few tries, your body start to adjust, and what seemed impossible (run 20 miles? Are you freaking KIDDING ME?) became something that you could easily manage. You can keep proving to yourself time and time again that you are much stronger than you think and if you just believe in your ability, you can do anything.

11.  Clears your mind and gives you the energy to take on the day 

Anytime you spend running is refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating and  peaceful.  If you working on an issue, you can find that with each step, your mind files away the good stuff, tosses the junk, and organizes what’s really important.  After the run, your mental “inbox” is cleaned out, your head left clear, thoughts sharp, and disposition agreeable.



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