Summer Outdoor Exercises You Can do Anywhere

When summer comes you might find it difficult to go to a gym when the sun is shining. However, you do not have to go inside to workout. Even strength training can be done outside. Outside training parks are popping up everywhere, and have become more and more popular. For most of the exercises you don't need other equipment than your own body. Pullups/chins can be done outside in a tree, use your imagination. The exercises can easily be adjusted to your level, if you have a weight vest; you can add weight, making each exercise harder.


Strengthens the upper body and core. Muscle groups in the chest, arms, shoulders and back are working during pushups. You can make them easier by doing them on your knees, or harder if you put on a weight vest or put your feet up on a bench/stone.


This is primarily an exercise for the front/back of your legs and butt, but it also target your core. Use your own bodyweight; make them harder by putting on a weigh vest, or adding a jump. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, sit down, pushing your butt back. If you are adding the jump, you push and jump into the air, as you are going back up.


Strengthens the front/back of your legs and butt. As with the squats, you also use your core to stabilize your body. Use your own bodyweight or make them harder by putting on a weight vest. Step forward with one leg, and then push back. 


This exercise primarily targets you triceps, but also chest and shoulders are involved. Put your hands on a stone/bench and your feet on the ground, and lower yourself to the ground and push back up. Doing dips between bars, is harder, as you are lifting your own bodyweight, if you have access to bars, you can make them easier by using a rubber band.


This is a hard exercise, and takes time to manage. Why? Because you are lifting your entire bodyweight. Doing chins your palms should face you, and most find this easier than pullups, as you are involving your biceps. Doing pullups, your palms face away. If you are not able to do chins/pullups, you can use a rubber band or you can jump up to the bar, and lower yourself down, taking as much time as possible. If you do not have a bar, you find a tree, a swingset at a playground, very often a playground for children have many “bars” you can use for chins/pullups.

The plank

Strengthens your core. This is a static exercise, the body should stay in the same position the entire time, stand as long as you manage. Make it easier by performing it on your knees, or harder by lifting one leg, and/or standing on your hands instead of your elbows.


This is a full body exercise, and gets your heart pumping. It is great to finish off your outside workout with a few rounds of burpees. Squat down, place your hands on the ground, jump out into a plank position. Jump feet back towards your hands, and jump up into the air.

Stair interval training

If you would like to do a quick, fun and high intensive interval training, find some stairs. It is super-efficient, and you can do it outside in the fresh air. You will get a better condition, stronger legs and burn calories. This will definitely get your blood pumping. Remember to warm up before starting.

Box jumps 

You don't need a box for box jumps, use some stairs and do a few sets after your stair interval training. This is and excellent exercise for the explosive muscle strength in your legs and butt. Bend your knees, jump and land as soft as you can with both feet, step down and jump up again.

Written By Heidi Haugan Tindvik
Photo By Frank Tindvik



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