Training = Happiness: How To Enjoy Exercise

What does training give you? Muscles? Blisters? Exhaustion?

No matter what your goal is, the main purpose of training should be to give you the feeling of happiness. A lot of people associate working out with the gym; weights, cardio machines, pushy trainers and screaming group instructors. This is happiness for many. I know a lot of people who can’t wait to spend their afternoon at the gym. Lifting heavier weights than they did last time or giving that resistance wheel on the bike one more turn this time. I also see people every day dragging themselves to the gym, using an entire day, and maybe even the night before as well; to fear it, to hate it, to condemn it! They have this feeling that they must go, or else their goals won’t be reached.

We get bombarded daily by these rough quotes plastered on social media “go hard, or go home”, “you’re not done until you’re begging on your knees for it to be over”. Photos of hands ripped apart from their original form. Comments about being a warrior, and a warrior hangs over the bin in the gym throwing their guts up before they continue their workout. Sure, it’s good to push yourself and really take yourself out sometimes. The keyword in that last sentence being “sometimes”.

What if I told you training can be fun? It can be fun for YOU! We are born as individuals, raised as individuals. If you enjoyed playing with Barbies when you were a toddler, I hope your parents let you. What do you want to play with now? It’s your choice! You can decide. Maybe the gym isn’t for you. Try something else! Dancing? Hiking? Swimming? Football? Throwing your kids repeatedly up in the air (and please catch them as well). Remember that we all must start somewhere, and counting calories is rarely the place to do it.

If you already love your workouts, keep doing them and be appreciative of the fact that you found a training form that gives you happiness. If you hate your workouts, I challenge you to try something new. You might like it, you might even love it, and I promise you this; THAT is when you will start seeing results!


“don’t work out because you hate your body, do it because you love it!”
- Unknown

Written by Julie Bjanes



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