The Best Yoga Poses For Energy To Get Out of a Tired Slump

Do you feel tired, exhausted and need the strength to finish off the work earrings or party? A good way to feel refreshed and recharged is to practice some yoga postures that give you energy.

Remember that you do not need anything special to perform these yoga poses, just take a few minutes to perform this routine that helps you regain your energy and feel happy with you and others.

Stretch your body!

1. Warrior 2. Separate your legs by taking a step with your right leg. Make sure that the tip of the front foot points forward, while the back foot should point slightly inward. Finally, extend your arms to opposite sides and lower your hips.

2. Inverted Warrior. Follow the steps above, but tilt your torso slightly forward and back.

3. Warrior 3. Follow all the steps of Warrior 2. Now, slide forward and relax your knees as you move. Drag the yolk of your fingers forward and lift the leg behind you.

4. Leg Extension Standing. Get in, bring the knee of the leg behind you until you can hug your shin. Now, take the big toe or the outside of the foot in front of you and extend the leg forward. Relax your back and get back on your feet. Repeat on opposite side.

This yoga sequence is nothing complicated and helps you eliminate the stress of the day. Also, do not forget to hydrate your body properly, so that it works properly. And you, how do you fill your body with energy?


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