Women's Sports Bras

Looking for fashionable and yet functional women's sports bras? You’ve come to the right place! Our beautiful and unique Norweigan designed sports bras combine stylish prints with all the features women need to support us throughout our workouts. Included in this collection are our latest chic black sports bras, sports bras with removable pads, sports bras with extra support and a unique 4-way stretch, sports bras with zipping and sports bras with clasps in the back for a personalized fit. All of our tops are non-see-through, breathable and will keep you dry! Available in XS to XXXL and you can pair with matching workout leggings to complete your look.

Sports Bras

BARA Sportswear's sports bras are made of quick-drying materials, which makes them comfortable to wear during workouts. On most of our sports bra models, we offer removable inserts. This means that you can choose whether you want to use inserts or not in your sports bras. Several of our sports bra types also have adjustment options in the back for an even more personalized fit. Some sports bras also have a zipper in the front, either a full zipper or half. A sports bra with a full zipper is a perfect alternative for those who are unable to put on a sports bra in the usual way. The zipper in the front of the sports bra allows you to "dress" in the sports bra as a jacket/vest.

Nursing Sports Bra

In addition to regular sports bras, we also have a nursing bra – perfect for pregnancy and the time after. With our Nursing Sports Bra, you can be the active mom you are, get the support you need and breastfeed! The nursing bra has clips in the front on both sides, which makes it easy for you to breastfeed or pump when needed. The sports bra has thicker straps for a more comfortable fit. The sports bra comes with removable pads, letting you choose whether you want to use them, or if you want to add a disposable nursing pad of your liking.

How to find the right sports bra?

Finding a sports bra that fits you and your body shape is the most important thing. You also need to think about what kind of activities you're most likely to do when choosing a sports bra. If you enjoy high-intensity training like jumping rope, running etc, we recommend a sports bra with high support. If you're unsure of what support you need for your workout, read the product description for more information, or send us an email.

How to measure when buying a sports bra?

With a measuring tape, start by:

- Measuring around the fullest part of the chest with a bra on.
- Do a measure just below the bust.
- Take a look at the size chart for sports bras to see where your measurements are and choose a size.

If you are between two sizes, we always recommend going up one size.

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