Women's Workout Shirts

Shop our fashionable women's workout t-shirts which are a must-have for your fitness wardrobe. Our workout shirts for women are made from soft, sustainable materials that are durable and will keep you dry throughout your workout or run. Whether you're on the lookout for cropped gym shirts to pair with your high-waisted tights, oversized shirts for a more casual look or eco shirts made from soft, eco-friendly materials. Shop BARA women's t-shirts now!

Looking for a new t-shirt? We have many t-shirts for women to choose from: Oversized t-shirts, t-shirts made of recycled materials, which are ECO Friendly, and form-fitted t-shirts. All t-shirts are super comfortable to wear and are made of quick-drying materials. White t-shirt, black t-shirt, or maybe you want a t-shirt that is more colourful? Choose from many different colours and designs! Pair any t-shirt with one of our leggings.

The history of the t-shirt

Exercising in a t-shirt is something most people do today. T-shirts are comfortable to wear and help you regulate your temperature while you exercise. The name T-shirt (in Norwegian t-skjorte) comes from the shape of the garment, formed like the letter "T". Originally, the t-shirt was only used as an undershirt and underwear for men, but today t-shirts are a completely common garment for everyone to wear, both for everyday use and gym wear.

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Pine Courage T-shirt

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