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Few would argue there are no better pants to exercise in than workout leggings. For stylish, flattering and functional women's workout leggings featuring the most gorgeous feminine prints, you can't go past the BARA range. Our collection includes black tights, basic block colours and stunning printed tights you won't see anywhere else, as well as high-waisted tights, tights with pockets, compression and anti-shake fitted leggings. All our tights are non-see-through and 100% squat proof! Available in XS to XXXL! Mix and match with our cute sports bras or women's tank tops to complete your look.


We have a large selection of tights. Choose from full-length tights to shorts. In addition, we have Capri Tights and 7/8 Tights. Our longest tights, often described in the product text as "full length", are tights with the longest legs.

"7/8" tights refer to the length of the tights. This type of tights has an inner seam that is 1/8 shorter than a full length. Although they are not as short as Capri Tights, they are usually taller on the leg than an average pair of gym leggings - just above the ankle.

Capri Tights are tights with 3/4 length, which reach just below the knee (depending on how long your legs are).

Biker Shorts (also known as "biker length") are short, skin-tight leggings. These are the shortest "tights" we have, ending at the middle of the thigh (depending on your height).

Compression tights

Tights (or leggings) with compression are form-fitting sportswear worn by athletes, or people who like to stay active. Compression leggings in general are garments that fit snugly and are designed to increase blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue and prevent strain.

Our tights come with varying degrees of compression. To find the compression level of the tights you're looking to buy, look for "compression level" in the product text. Tights with a high compression will have the number 4. Tights with the lowest degree of compression will have the number 1. In the product text, it will look something like this: "Compression level: 1/4".

> Read more about our leggings compression levels here

Size inclusive

Plus-size tights? Tights for the tall, the short, curvy or petite? We have something that fits you! We believe that sportswear should be available to everyone. Sizes are just ... sizes, really ... no matter how cliché it may sound. That's why we offer tights and sportswear in sizes ranging from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL to XXXL. We believe that sportswear is for everyone and that all people have the right to find leggings that fit and feel comfortable, regardless of shape, size, height or gender. Read more about BARA's size inclusion here.

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