Size Matters! Why We Sell Workout Leggings in Size XS to XXXL

Plus-size leggings? Tights for the tall, short, curvy or petite? We got you! 

We believe that activewear should be available to anyone. Size is just … size, really … no matter how cliche it may sound. Size should not exclude and that’s why we offer tights, dresses, jackets, tank tops and other activewear in seven different sizes, from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL to XXXL. We believe that sportswear is for everyone and that all people are entitled to a good pair of tights that fits and feels comfortable, regardless of shape, size, height or gender.

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What Makes The Best Workout Leggings?

When we talk about “a good pair of tights” we are referring to tights that:

  • Are 100 % squat proof
  • Has 4-way stretch
  • Supports your body (High-Waist and Compression)
  • Feels comfortable to wear
plus size leggings

Best Plus-Size Leggings

Sadly, a lot of today's sportswear brands are not size including, and have few options when it comes to sizes. We don’t want to be like that. We created BARA for one simple reason: Tights for the everyday person. That means real people – no mannequins. People in all shapes and sizes.

“I'm a proud BARA ambassador. Not just because of their high-quality sportswear, Norwegian design and good customer service, but because they have a large selection – up to size XXXL!” – Helene Drage

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We’ve made sure that all our sportswear, no matter the size, is a 100 % squat proof.  We believe that we are one of the best providers of plus-size leggings in the world. We got black leggings, leggings with print and plus-size leggings with pockets and plus-size winter tights. Everything in our store is available up to XXXL.

Not sure about your size? Take a look at our size chart

“Being able to wear beautiful and functional sportswear – even when you’re overweight – really does something to your self-confidence. BARA Sportswear fits almost everyone! In today's society that’s priceless!” – Helene Drage

plus size tights

Best Leggings For Tall Women

A lot of scandinavian women, for example, are struggling to find activewear that fits their long legs and backs – as Scandinavian women are on average very tall.

“This is absolutely perfect for me! I am fairly tall (184 cm) and with a very long back. This tights reach my high waist like a glove. I still have a solid four-five cm to spare on the leg as well! Love it!”  – Ingeborg (Trondheim, NO)

Average height for women in:

  • Norway: 165.56 cm (5 feet 5.18 inches) tall.

  • Sweden: 165.60 cm (5 feet 5.23 inches) tall.

  • Denmark: 167.21 cm (5 feet 5.83 inches) tall.

Which gives us an average height in Scandinavian women to be: 166,12 cm (5 Feet, 5.35 Inches). The numbers are from

As a tall woman myself (I’m actually 174,5 cm 5 Feet, 8.5039.) I find that BARA Sportswear actually fits me! I have quite broad shoulders with long arms and a long back. Everything I’ve tried from BARA so far fits me just perfect.

In other words, you’ll also find that our activewear not only fit curvy women, but tall women too!

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Some of my personal favorites (as a member of the tall womens club):

“[...] And I LOVE the long legs! Usually leggings from bigger brands are short on me, this are just perfect! Happy gal here!” Ágústa Ýr (Reykholar, IS)

leggings for curvy women

Best Leggings For Short Women

As you may have understood, BARA Sportswear fits both curvy and tall models, but what if you're short? Most of our tights models are high-waisted and have long legs, but we do have some models that are on the shorter side. 

“Very comfortable! Perfect and normal length for my height of 157 cm. (The) ⅞ (tights) is more a petite version.” – Stine w Torbergsen (Oslo, NO)

With that being said, even if you’re short, you can easily wear most of our tights models. This is because you can fold the leggings at the bottom. The waist-band can also be folded down if you wish. The tights will also, after some use, adjust to your body. Ain't that cool?

Some leggings on the shorter side:

  • All of the ⅞ Tights (available in black & pine)

  • All of the Capri Tights (we know that some people use this as a regular tights)

  • All of the Lux Tights (available in black, berry and cobalt).

Do you have any questions about size or what to buy, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support! They can help you with almost everything!

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