Can you go for a run in a skirt and how do you style it? Here’s everything you need to know about running skirts – skorts.

Finding the ideal piece of running apparel can be difficult for many runners. Shorts can cause chafing and leggings might occasionally become too warm. Running Skirts, on the other hand, may be precisely what you’re looking for.

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What to look for in a running skirt?

This depends on the activity. If you’re planning to go for a run, look for a skirt with integrated shorts and lightweight materials. Pockets are a BIG plus, and both of our running skirts got them! Moisture wicking fabric is also a big plus.

If you’re looking for a skirt to play tennis in, do weight training or any other activity, things like breathability and moisture-wicking features are greatly appreciated. Playing tennis and having pockets is also nice – with pockets big enough to fit a ball.

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Can you run in skirts?

Of course! Running skirts are lightweight and designed to move as you run. They can feel heavy to some runners, though, depending on the type of material from which they are made. Try a skirt out on a run to see how you like them. It is completely a matter of personal preference.

Why do people run in skirts?

Despite the name, most running skirts are actually skorts with compression shorts underneath. And those shorts can be a godsend during a long (or even short) run by preventing chafing. So try a skirt. Your thighs may thank you for it.

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What is an active skirt?

The active skirt's luxurious comfort is thanks to a blend of sweat-wicking fabric that allows you to move freely. The fabric supports physical activity and keeps you comfortable all day long.

How do you style a running skirt?

This professional-looking running or golf skirt should be paired with any polo, or tank top that you find suitable for golf, and hey, it can be any colour too! If it’s really warm outside you can match it with a sports bra and a cap, and that will make you look both fabulous and athletic!

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