Your Best Guide to Different Tights Lengths

Capri Tights, 7/8 Tights and full-length tights – what’s the difference and what’s the longest or shortest tights? You asked – we listen! Here is a full guide to our different legging lengths.

Many of you have asked for a guide that shows the different tights length, so here is a breakdown from longest to shortest.

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1. Our longest tights/leggings

Our longest tights/leggings, often described in the product text as “full length” are: 

  • Tundra, Wind, Base, Hydra, Glacier, Pink Ice, Coast and Aurora Tights
  • Shape Tights
  • Pocket Tights
  • Winter Tights
  • Power Tights
  • Lux Tights
  • Icon Tights
  • Tie Dye Tights
  • Shape Tights 2.0
  • Signature Tights
  • Swift Tights
  • Shimmer Tights
  • Maternity Tights
  • Namaste

A lot of Scandinavian women, for example, are struggling to find activewear that fits their long legs and backs – as Scandinavian women are on average very tall. The tights mentioned above are therefore customer favourites, as these are our longest.

Want to find other tall girls favourite leggings? Take a look at this blogpost, and scroll down to “Leggings for tall women”.


2. 7/8 Tights

First things first, what are “7/8 Tights?”

“7/8" refers to the length of the tights. These tights have an inseam which is 1/8th shorter than a full-length style. While they are not as short as cropped tights, they typically rest higher on the leg than an average pair of gym tights – just above the ankle. This model is one of the favourites for women on the shorter side, as the ankle-length fits them as a tall girl's “normal length”.

Examples of 7/8 Tights:

We also offer a Ribbed Pants (jogger) in Black and Olive in the same 7/8 length.


3. Capri Tights

Capri Tights, also referred to as “6/8 leggings”, are tights that reach just below the knee (depending on how long legs you got).

Examples of Capri Tights:

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4. Biker Shorts

Biker Shorts (also known as “biker length”) are short, skin-tight legwear. These are our shortest “tights” and fits above the knee (depending on your height).

Examples of Biker Shorts:

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